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Water Treatment Plants EOT Cranes Gearbox - (Gearbox Technology) Oil Cleaning Machines Hydraulic Systems, Filters & Accumalators Pipes and Pipe Fittings Agitators / Magnets / Grabs Agitators & Heat Exchangers


Water Treatment Plants

EOT Cranes and Material Handling Equipment

Hydraulic Systems, Filters & Accumulators

Pipes, fittings and pipe cutting and beveling tools

Gearbox Technology

Oil Cleaning Machines

Magnets, grabs and lifting equipment

Agitators & Heat Exchangers

Why work with us?

TBL is a professional marketing company with a difference:

  1. Our company reaches out to and becomes a channel partner with the Customers who in turn rely on TBL . We aim to establish a close rapport with the technical and commercial teams of customers to make business transactions swift and efficient.
  2. Has a basket of products which makes it easier for customers to shop through TBL, making it a one stop shop for mechanical engineering products.
  3. Has a huge global sourcing base enabling TBL to procure genuine quality spares, accessories and equipments in the fastest possible time at the most reasonable and justified prices.
  4. Has offices close to customers to attend to any urgent needs within 12 hours.
  5. Has its own technical team to understand the requirements of customers hence assuring our customers of correct product supply.
  6. Has technical backup from the principal manufacturers to assist its own team of service engineers.
  7. Customer-- centric focus and enjoys long uninterrupted relationships with the customer.

This website aims to provide an overview of our aims, products and the servicing solutions that we provide. In addition to this, you may contact us by email, telephone or come and personally visit our office so that we can help you with your requirements.

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