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EOT Cranes

We have supplied over 40 state of the art EOT cranes ranging from 5 to 50 tons from production to maintenance applications both directly and through our principals DEMAG cranes - to some of the big steel mills and power projects in Bangladesh.

We are associated with BRADY Morris and Unique cranes; two renowned Indian manufacturers and some international suppliers like JASO for crane supplies.

TBL provides the following services to our crane customers:

  1. We undertake AMC'S for cranes which would include trouble shooting and preventive maintenance to reduce production losses.
  2. We can supply spare parts for any make of cranes being bought outs , fabricated or outsourced from abroad for any international cranes.
  3. We can design and manufacture cranes at our principals workshop- custom designed to suit the specific application requirements
  4. We have a team of experienced erection and commissioning personnel under able and qualified supervisors to erect and supervise cranes supplied by us or by any other manufacturer.
  5. We can refurbish, repair, modify and upgrade cranes after proper study and due diligence.

Our technically sound engineers and service team will ensure that you reduce breakdown times in your plant due to problems faced in the maintenance of your cranes.

Besides supply of EOT cranes TBL can supply Jib and gantry cranes and KBKS, spares accessories for any cranes like hoists gear motors wheelblocks spares electrical - bus bars plcs limit switches etc and mechanical - chains wire ropes and any fabricated items.